You should be careful with your headlines.

Every day I work with coaches who desire the same thing: help as many people as possible.

But in a world of a gold rush for attention, it gets harder and harder to get your message to the people who actually need your guidance.

Cheer up, it gets worse than that.

People don’t pay attention to all the information they’re exposed to.

We scroll through posts and stop on the ones that are worth our attention.

We scroll through the newsfeed without reading.

We don’t even read the emails from our personal inboxes if the headlines don’t make us curious.

That’s a caprice of human nature.

How important are headlines? I am glad you’ve asked that, my friend.

A well-written headline is the way to impress an internet surfer and make him or her stop the thumb on your message.

So anyway, if the best way to catch someone’s attention is though well-written headlines, then how do you do that?

Is it possible to learn this?

A far better question would be to ask where can you find a list of template-able headlines that will position you as an expert coach, will get you more clients, without investing too much of your precious time in it?

I am glad you’ve asked. Because that’s exactly what I have prepared for you today – a superb collection of headlines that I have gathered and tested throughout the years.

Oh, I would like to take full credit of this splendid collection, but I can’t. Because many of headlines that you’ll find below, will sound familiar to you, but that’s because you may have already read different versions on top websites and blogs.

Why is that so? Another good question. Simply because emotions like fear, desire and curiosity get triggered by the same words. People never change. I am sure you get the idea.

Alright, now that we’ve cleared that up, I am going to show you my top 3 Templates To Create Thumb Stopping Headlines:


1. “How-To” Headlines

The “How to” headline is one of the simplest and straightforward ways of catching your reader’s attention and interest him in reading.

It is the father of all headlines and that’s because it still drives the most engagement since forever.

Often people know what they want to achieve, but they don’t know how to do it. Which is why they’re coming to you. You are the one who knows HOW they can get that “something” they desire.

Having this in mind, your audience won’t ignore you, if you promise to give a solution on HOW to achieve a [Desired Outcome] through your headline.

Give them reasons WHY they should continue reading your content and you will never ever get ignored.

The best thing about the “How to” headlines, is that 90% of them are already pre-written for you. What does that mean? You already know your readers’ deepest desires, fears, and pain points.

And you also know how to help them. Having that information, all you need to do is fill in the blanks and see the magic happen. It’s a quick, easy and foolproof way to drive more engagement to your content.

Below are a few “How to” templates:


(Here is) How To [Desired Outcome] / Ex. Here’s How You Can Double Your Productivity By Working Twice As Less

How To Be [Desirable State/Quality] / Ex. How To Be Seen As The Go-To Authority In Your Industry

How To [Overcome An Obstacle] Without [Pain] / Ex. How To Lose 5 lbs Of Belly Fat Without Starving Yourself

How To [Eliminate Specific Pain] Without [More Pain] / Ex. How To Find Out Where Your Ideal Clients Are Hanging Out Without Spending Hours On Becoming A “Forensic Detective”

How To Get [Result] (Quickly) (Without Risk) / How To Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days Without Losing Money On Ads

How To [Desired Outcome] And [Desired Outcome] / Ex. How To Win Friends And Influence People

How To [Do Something] In [The Shortest Time] / How To Be Seen Everywhere In Just 10 Minutes OF Content Creation Per Week

This Is How To [Desired Outcome] / This Is How To Find Your Soulmate

Learn How To [Desired Outcome] / Learn How To Meal Prep On A Keto Diet

How To Get [Huge Benefit] with [low effort] / How To Get On Any Podcast With Just 2 Emails


2. “Numbers” Headlines

People like organized information, because it is easy to read and digest. That’s why the headlines that start with numbers drive serious amounts of engagement.

What else makes those headlines “thumb stopping” is the fact that a headline that starts with “X Ways to…” sets the stage for the reader. He will know exactly what to expect from you but it also gives your readers more options to choose from.

Knowing that there are more solutions to solve your biggest problems gives you… hope. This powerful emotion is really hard to ignore and it also might be a strong call to action.

So when you’re researching your prospects, look for “something” that gives the hope. What is that one thing that they desperately want to achieve? Find it and give them more ways to achieve it.

While there is no exact science that tells you how to write the best headlines, in the case of numbers, science tells that odd numbers are people’s favourites. I don’t know how to explain this, but trust me on this. If you don’t, you can check some of the most viral posts of the last year. You will see that many of them start with odd numbers.

Here are the best “Number” templates:


X Ways To [Desirable Outcome] / Ex. 3 Ways To Set Up An Evergreen Content Calendar

X Things You Didn’t Know About [Person/Thing] / Ex. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Growing An Audience Online

(The) Top X Ways to [Achieve Desirable Results] / Ex. The Top 5 Ways You Launch A Digital Course

X Reasons Why [Blank] / Ex. 43 Reasons Why Content Marketing Works Since the 1930s

X Mistakes Most [Target Market] Make [While Taking Action] / Ex. 13 Mistakes Most Single Men Make While Dating

X Steps To [Highly Desired Objective] / Ex. 7 Steps To Running A Marriage Counseling Program.

X (Powerful Adjective) Ways To [Solve A Specific Problem] / Ex. 3 Simple Content Types To Grow Your Coaching Business Without Making It A Full-Time Job

X (Powerful Adjective) Facts [Your Reader] Should Know [About Specific Topic] / Ex. 5 Curious Facts Single Women Should Know About First Dates

X [Things/Quotes/Ideas] That Will [Emotional/Powerful Change/State] / Ex. 7 Habits That Will Double Your Productivity And Make You Get Home On Early


3. You Shouldn’t Know This, But…

If you want to maximize the power of your words, you need people to pay attention to what you are saying. And the best way to keep someone’s eyes on you is… scarcity.

It is in our human nature to desire for the things that we don’t have. The things that others try to hide from us.

When there is something that is not available to everybody, some sort of “hidden secrets” that we’re not supposed to know, it automatically becomes something of a great value.

Tell a kid that he can’t have a cookie and the next thing you know, he will crave for that cookie that you’re trying to hide from him.

Why not use this power to help as many people as possible? You know things that others don’t. Multiply the power of your solution by combining it with a forbidden emotion and it will become even more desirable.

Here are my favourite “forbidden” headlines:


Confessions Of A [Celebrity/Expert] / Ex. Confessions Of A 7-Figure Coach

X Secrets To Achieve [Desirable Outcome] / Ex. 3 Secrets To Book More Discovery Calls

The Hidden [Secrets/Benefits] Of [Controversial Activity] / Ex. The Hidden Client Getting Secrets Of Cold Calling

What [Industry Experts] Never Tell You About [Solution/Desirable Things] / Ex. What Marketers Never Tell You About Promoting Your Services

This [Technique/Solution] Is So Elite, It’s Almost Illegal / Ex. This Investment Technique Has Such A Small Risk, It’s Almost Illegal

Only You Will Know That This [Problem] Can Be Easily Solved With [Your Solution] / Ex. Only You Will Know That Getting A Promotion And Your Job With Doing Less Work


4. Bonus: Question Headlines

“Will this be on the test?” I remember while in school that if the answer to this question was positive, I’d immediately be more motivated to listen to what the teacher has to say.

Answering some crucial questions of your audience will get you the same results. Your prospects will crave for your knowledge. Carefully examine what your prospects want and what they don’t want and then fill in the blanks below.

If you do this, you are GOLDEN.

And of course, below are the “Question” templates that have been tested by time:


Why [Activity/Thing] Will/Is/May Be [Opinion] / Ex. Why Having Discovery Call Is Outdated

Why You Should [Unexpected Activity] / Ex. Why You Should Eat Plenty Of Fats

Why You Should Never [Unexpected Activity] / Why You Should Never Pitch Your Prospects

Are You [Desired State]? / Are You Generating Enough Leads?

Why [Common Belief] Won’t [Get You Were/What You Want] / Why Eating Salads Won’t Make You Healthy

[Problem?] Here Is How To Fix/Solve It / Ex. Does Your To-Do List Give You Anxiety? Here’s How To Smash It

Do You Really [Blank] / Do You Really Want To Be A Freelancer For Ever

What to do if [Specific Triggering situation] / What To Do When Your Sugar Cravings Kick In

Why [Common Sense Approach] Doesn’t Work and What to do about it / Why Trying To Help Everybody Doesn’t Work And What To Do About It

Who Else Wants [desired state/activity/outcome] / Who Else Want A Job That They Love With Colleagues That You Can Call Friends

Why [Benefit/Pain Happens] / Why People Cheat

Warning: [Blank] / Warning: Running Doesn’t Make You Lose Weight


Now, while it may be tempting to use either “how to” or “numbers” headlines ONLY, it is important to mention that other headlines can be madly successful as well.

The trick is to diversify your content based on your prospects’ most urgent needs and problems.

Keep in mind WHO you are talking to but also, don’t forget that you need to have a good content that deserves a great headline. Otherwise, you will be perceived as spammy.

People are comfortable to look for solutions from things that look familiar. That’s why it is crucial to show up daily. It is as important as writing good content with great headlines.