If you are not using one, you are leaving money on the table.

Seriously… If you don’t have one, stop everything that you are doing (obviously don’t stop reading this article) and go build your lead magnet.

Before we go into the awesome details of HOW-TO, let’s look at they WHAT and most importantly WHY.


“Lead Magnet: An ethical bribe you are offering to your audience in exchange for their contact information.”


It’s literally that simple:

“Hey, I’m giving you this awesome free stuff in exchange for your email address. Wanna trade?”

Even if you have a mediocre lead magnet it will still make a difference in your business.

Done is better than perfect.


But WHY would you want a lead magnet?

The main reason is so that you can build your own database of prospects. Don’t think that all your Facebook fans are seeing everything that you post. Nor are most of your fans considering to buy from you.

If you offer something of value that actually solves a small issue that your audience has, you are doing the following things:

  • Building trust with your audience (you just gave them an awesome solution for free to solve their problem)
  • Segmenting “fans” that are interested in you vs not interested in you.


You don’t just give your email address to anybody, do you? With today’s standards, that is an intimate gesture.

So be very grateful and respectful to the subscribers. They are the ones that like you.


“Rule of thumb” on lead magnets

It should be concise and actionable. Your audience should be able to take ACTION on the stuff you give out immediately and without headaches.

It shouldn’t be too long or too short. It should be the exact size that can solve 1 burning issue that your audience has.

Don’t give out a 10-week course or a 200-page report. But something specific that solves a specific problem. Just one.

Not because you “shouldn’t give out value”. But because nobody will consume it. It’s too big of a commitment for someone that really has no idea who you are.

Before you even start creating your lead magnet, you should know who your ideal customer is and what they need. If need more info on that, check out my article about finding the perfect customer.

I’m sure you got the main idea.


So let’s look into the 5 Best Lead Magnet Tips And Examples.


1. Content Upgrade

I really like this one. You can do this with different tools available online. You can use Bloom or Content Upgrades Pro for WordPress, or Leadpages for example.

What is content upgrade exactly?

Let’s say you wrote an article about “Top 5 Business Growth ideas that you need to implement”. And at the end, you just offer to “upgrade the content” with another 5 ideas. Or to “unlock” another 5 ideas.

The main idea is to offer a better version of the article you posted.


Here is an example of how it looks

content upgrade example


2. Guide or a Report

This is a classic and is a very successful lead magnet. Because it gives clear step-by-step action taking instructions. Or can give you more insight to the problem at hand.

Depending on who your audience is and what they want, build a thorough (but not too long) guide.

If for example, you have a male grooming website, you might offer a:  “How To Choose Dinner Date Clothes That Will Make Your Date Take Hers Off” (very cheesy I know).


Check out this example from HubSpot.

guide example

3. Worksheet

This on is easy. Because I am using a worksheet as a lead magnet. The main idea is to help you define your ideal customer. Or the avatar, as they call it in the marketing world.

It can be anything you want really. As long as you have almost immediate and tangible results, it can be about anything.


You check out my lead magnet on the right-hand side, or down here


4. Video Training

I used one of these in the past and it was amazing. It was a lot of fun.

The main idea here is to offer a short video that is related to your product. Either how you use it, or just to educate your audience about the problem etc.


Here is a cool example

video training example


5. Free shipping/coupons/discounts

This is something used by retail shops. Personally, I want to provide more value than just a discount. Although I still use for my retail shop. Because it actually converts.

Just pay attention next time you are visiting an online shop and you will get to see one of these lead magnets.

discount example


I hope you had fun reading this article as much as I had working on it. I really do.


Before I end this article, I just wanted to ask what type of lead magnet will you be setting up? What will it be all about? What business are you in and how will it serve your audience? Post your comments below.


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