This is a joke that Robin Williams used to do.

 He apparently battled more than just substance abuse.

 I love this quote. It’s one of my favorites. Not because I wouldn’t enjoy a paraplegic dancer though…

It’s about trying to pretend that nothing is wrong.

 An alcoholic is an alcoholic. He might be able to perform some basic day to day tasks. But at the end of the day…

 An alcoholic is an alcoholic…

 That performs below optimal standards. If he can get himself up to do the task.

 There is no pride in that.

 The act of a lapdance implies the person to stand on 2 legs and dance. Which if you have difficulties standing up on your two legs, the job won’t get done.

 I know that the gurus tell you to ignore the “negativity” that people are throwing at you and focus on your journey.

 “Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t beautiful”

“Don’t let anybody tell you how to run your business”


There is a thin line between self-confidence and being delusional.

And don’t you think that your audience doesn’t see this? They see everything. You might not get the message. But they see it.

 It’s all about how you position yourself. You can do it as the confident influencer in your industry.


 As the delusional mad hatter.


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