Ever since the dawn of time, you had to associate yourself with someone in order to survive. Back in the day if you were a lone wolf you had all the chances to die eaten by wild animals or of starvation.

Your survival depends on a large group. There is strength in numbers they say.

Equally, you had to obey certain rules of that group. If not you risked being expelled from that group and isolated. Which meant certain death.

In our day and age, obviously the risk of death doesn’t exist anymore. But you can still be isolated from society. You can still be considered a pariah.

Good thing is that in our day and age, nobody gives a fuck anymore. If you get rejected by the “mainstream” society, you can still hang out with your kind. Other “rejects”. In fact, these guys don’t even want to be accepted by the “mainstream” society.

Neither do I…


Here is how $12.000 converts you from a disrespected outsider into a respected family member

It’s all about perspective. Because everything around us is driven by thought and subjectivity.

A few days ago while I was working on some admin tasks, I was listening to an interview with Seth Godin that really got me thinking. Especially this part.

seth godin quote

You see, these guys that bought a Harley became respected family members overnight. Because with the purchase of the bike, they got accepted in a family. A different one from what you might expect. But still a family.

They joined a tribe that has a set of values and obviously acceptance criteria. The bike.

It’s not that Harley builds better bikes than Suzuki (they might, I really don’t know). It’s what comes with buying a Harley.

It’s what a Harley stands for. That is the perfect example of a BRAND.

They see each other as a family. While others see them as tattooed outsiders.

It’s all about creating the brand and building the tribe. It’s not that hard to build a tribe. But it takes consistency.

A couple of years back, I built a mailing list and a Facebook page with the idea to build a tribe. All I did was to have a set of values and stick them on the door. So that everybody could see them.

Every day I created content around those values which connected the members. We even had catch phrases that we used and used the same slang. Because that is what a brand means.

You know what you get with it. You get this type of people, that use this type of slang, that stand for these values. And you can recognize it from miles away.

After a while, my tribe members started coming up with their own words to identify themselves. Which is great! That means that new leaders were emerging. People that can act as ambassadors to the tribe.

Which they did.

Everybody wants to be a part of a group. Look at you and your friends. I bet you and your friends also have some catch phrases that you use in certain situations. Am I right?

Bottom line, building a tribe isn’t that hard. It just takes some time.


Do you have a brand? Or just a logo and a catchy tagline? Do you have any values that you stand for? How are you going to stick them on the door? Let me know in the comments below.


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