It’s that time of the year again.

Everybody is in a hurry to spend money on spending time with their friends and family.

It’s not the Christmas week. It’s not even December.

But I see a Christmas fair at every mall, the Christmas lights are already lit in the city. And everybody is in a cheery anticipating mood.

And you know what?

I bet that more than half of the people I see right now buying everything they see will run out on Christmas Eve to buy presents because they forgot. Or just postponed it until it was too late.

Why is that?

I’ve been guilty of this myself. But after a couple of times, I realized that I can avoid the feeling of shame if I just think of something in advance.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not spending a shit load of money on gifts or anything. And don’t expect to receive anything in return either.

I find that a book or a board game are cool things to gift or receive.

But let me get back to the question “Why?”

Why is it that we postpone being contempt with us and accept being ashamed? The holidays are coming either way.

Why would anyone like to live in constant state of anxiety and fear that they will disappoint the family and themselves again?

I really have no idea. It’s beyond me.

This type of personality will postpone any business decision in the same manner. It’s not like they don’t know what they should be doing.

They just postpone that business decision and in the end, will have to deal with the consequences of their inaction.

Just like in their personal life.

I guess that’s what they call procrastination.

The new year is around the corner. There’s no way around it.

I’m sure you already have your new goals figured out. And that you are ambitious in achieving them.

But for how long are you going to postpone the decision to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur and in generating more leads?

I’m planning to spend next Christmas on a beach in the southern hemisphere. And in order to achieve that I am investing a lot in me as an entrepreneur and in my business.

But I’m not waiting for next year. I’ve already started.

For how long are you going to postpone your decisions?