I’m easily entertained.


It’s a curse more than a gift.


Feel free to grab a stone of the ground, form a line and throw them at my face.


I don’t care. I’m not going to lie.


I used to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. From time to time I would also watch one of those far right religious Christian channels. Those guys are amazing.


Because it kept my brain distracted and at the same time relaxed. You don’t have to do anything, you hardly remember to blink and are mildly entertained.


Plus, the structure of these shows baffled me. I find them amazing. They are structured in such a way that even the most boring situation is presented from a somewhat interesting angle.


I don’t know anybody that watches the show on a regular basis. Yet still, it’s one of the most popular show out there. Yes, everybody hates on it.


But it’s still one of the most successful shows out there running for 13 seasons…


You can either:


Admit you watch it once in a blue moon because it was on, you were really bored, and one thing led to another…




Admit that these guys NAILED their audience. Regardless of what you think about their audience


(Shame on you for judging people)


If you don’t like the show?




It means that it’s not for you so stop complaining about it. And the best part?


They don’t even try to market to you.


If a hit show decides NOT to please you… why do YOU try to please everybody?


They chose a side already and they stick with it.


But do you try to “help fat people lose weight”?


Or is it more specific?


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