This morning I had a small AHA moment.

There I was at 05:30 am trying to do my morning workout. When it hit me.

It’s 05:30 in the morning and I have no problem being up at that hour. Imagine the stuff that I can do BEFORE everybody wakes up!

Don’t think that I’m waking up at 5 for years. I’m just trying it out for about a month or so. And it wasn’t a decision that I took on the spot.

Nope. It’s a conclusion that I got to. Not something that I did just because “every successful person does this”.

For me the transition was natural. But I’m going to break it down for you.

Just to be sure…


…This Is Not A Post About Waking Up At 5 AM

It’s about managing resources. Just like in any project management role.

Life is full of events. Either buying a house, getting married, buying a car etc.

And everybody has different ways to approach these events. Some let these events “just happen”. Others take the time to at least go through what they need and want for those events. And some of us overthink everything and transform the event in a headache.

If you are like me, you tend to make a mental plan of what you are about to do. To at least visualize what your task is and how you go about solving it.


You are more cerebral. You don’t let things “just happen”.

I used to be a project manager for a good number of years. Call it a professional defect, but after a while, I saw everything in my life as a project.

Because everything is…

Probably not in a business way.

But in a way or another it is.


A project is a temporary activity that has the goal to deliver one or more outcomes.



The wedding is the project, and the outcome is the experience you want to have for yourself and the guests.


Finding the car that best fits your needs and the outcome is actually owning the car.


The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

This may sound very corny. And it probably is.

But the moment you really truly get it, everything around you will change.

(Please don’t bash my head in)


The one thing that we can’t live without is TIME.


And we are wasting it…

Is there something that you wanted to achieve in your life? I’m sure you have some sort of goal.

How is that going? When was the first time you set your goal? One month ago? Two months ago? Last year?

Did you achieve your goal?

If you didn’t it sure isn’t because of lack of time…

Other people are achieving goal after goal. Becoming more successful each day.

I’m not talking about the Silicon Valley Millionaires. I’m talking about average Joes. People like you and me.

People that have the exact same resources like we have.

How come they get so much shit done in one day? They have the same amount of hours in a day like we do.


Don’t Manage Your Time. Invest It.

I don’t necessarily like the term Time Management. I find it to be too impersonal for my taste.

But the way you use it is very important.

Just like in any project, sometimes life will throw shit at you. It will throw stuff in your way. Stuff that is ultimately fighting for your attention. Or pulling you back.

You have to know to which of these things you want to give your attention to.

Not everything is important. In fact, 90% of the things we do every day are not important.

Look at those obstacles and ask yourself if they have any influence whatsoever in achieving your goal.

If they can influence you in achieving your goal, fix them. Remove them from your life. Nothing shall stand between you and your goal.

But if they don’t influence you in achieving your goal, ignore them! There is no point in wasting your time with stuff that doesn’t help you in any direction.

I got invited to a party out of town by my friends. Party which I won’t attend. Because it’s out of town and I don’t have a car. Which means I’m dependent on someone else.

Which means I can’t come back home whenever I want to. Which means I can’t work when I’m supposed to.

And that will have an impact on my goals. Therefore I will not go to the event.

How you invest your time is a decision. Not a “management” technique.


I could go on and break down the planning of project phases. But I don’t want to bore you with something that you don’t care. If you are into using project management for yourself or your business, hit me up at