Every now and then these type of things happen.


I have the most bizarre dreams. I love it!


I’m not the guy to ask the stars or to interpret the dreams. A dream is a dream. It doesn’t mean anything. You shouldn’t adjust your diet or whatever just because you dreamt about pulling teeth or whatever.


Every now and then I dream about a wild concrete jungle called the city. It’s always the same architecture but always has a different name.


This time there I was in the car with none other than Ryan Reynolds and my first thought was


“Why couldn’t it be Emma Watson?”


My second thought was


“If you are going to have sex with him, at least let him lead”


We were driving through the city (actually he was driving, I was in the back seat like a #boss)


I can only imagine who I was in the dream if Ryan Reynolds was my driver…


So yeah, we were driving through the city visiting another famous actor (can’t remember the name) and we stopped at a Chinese restaurant.


I insisted on having the Shish Taouk. Nobody seemed bothered by it.


I’ve asked Ryan why we are visiting this guy. The famous actor. It’s not as if he is going to be cool to hang out with. Just imagine what type of guy he is if he only plays in chick flicks…


And it was then when I started laughing my ass off. As in crying.


Here I was… me… a nobody judging the character of a person based on my interpretation of the work he has done. Work that I’ve never seen.


Not only that, but there I was complaining to a guy that also stars in numerous chick flicks and yet still my brain said “you seem to like him unconsciously. Why not have him be your BFF in this dream”.


Oh, the irony.


We both laughed it off and there I was back again in bedroom without Emma or Ryan…


I was pretty happy with myself, to be honest. Because I caught myself being a dick and was able to correct it.


In my work, I always take the road that is in everybody’s favor. As in I’m not going to use my own filter and interpret the situation just for the fuck of it. Nope.


We all look at the same object from different angles. All I have is a different angle to the situation. In order to have the entire overview, you must approach the situation with an open mind and no judgment.




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