Let me recap what I told you in the previous blog post:


“The internet is built on information that can be consumed in just a few minutes. Everything online has a shelf life of only a few hours at best.

Because once the viewer gets his dopamine fix, he’ll go somewhere else for the next fix. And you want to be there when they do so.”


I also told you that writing consistent and relevant content that converts is supremely important if you want to (and you should) have a strong online presence.


Now that we’ve cleared that up, let me start by telling you that you’re going to love this post. Why do I say that? Because it will give you the answer to one of the most burning questions of all content creators:


What’s the easiest (and fastest) way to start publishing more content?


How can I be so confident? Well, here’s the thing: by the time you get to read this blog post, I have already finished writing a week’s worth of content that’s adjusted and will be published on all my social media profiles. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself.


Anyway, I am very slow sometimes. I don’t know why, but sometimes it takes way too much time to see something so obvious that it’s ridiculous.


No. I am not talking about looking for car keys while holding them in my left hand. Although, this happens sometimes too.


Almost a year ago I caught myself listening to a song on repeat while having no idea what the singer was talking about. You know, it was one of those songs in a weird language that doesn’t sound like anything familiar but you still like it. I later found out that the song was in Tatar. Exactly, that weird.


So what the hell has this story to do with helping you how to easily and faster publish content? Well, some months ago, I stumbled upon a Russian guy who had 3 million subscribers. Of course I was curious and of course, I clicked to see what type of content he was posting.


As I went through some of his videos, I heard something very familiar. The guy was singing the mumble version of a very familiar song.


What? You still don’t see it? Really? He was mumbling that exact song that I told you about. It’s just that it sounded like he didn’t really know the song that well.


But here’s the thing. He posted his video way before the song appeared. I got curious. Was it a theft? That’s what I thought. But eventually, I found out that he was the one writing the song and he simply documented the creative journey.


Pretty cool, huh?


Now, both you and I know that creating content takes a lot of time, right? Even posting only once, on a single social media platform is time-consuming. Imagine doing it regularly… plus posting on other social media platforms, plus one huge piece of content like a long blog post, or a video, or a vlog, or Insta stories, or a podcast.


Especially when you have other crucial tasks to do, like managing your business and delivering the services to your clients.


In those moments hiring a content creation team doesn’t seem like arrogance or an unnecessary investment, at least to me. But I don’t want to let that happen to you.


Heh, heh.


Listen, if you think that I will tell you that documenting your journey as a reality show is the secret to posting more content in less time, then you’re not wrong.


But you know, I’d freak out if a stranger would approach me and ask how is my cat doing because he saw on my Insta stories that we went to the vet.


I’m not the kind of person who puts his life online. Hell, I’m not even talking about documenting my journey. But don’t get me wrong, documenting sure works, it’s just that it doesn’t work for me.


And it surely isn’t for everybody. So here’s an easier and faster way to start publishing more content.


Tell a story.


Truly. One of the most important things that you can do to improve your content is to tell more stories. It is indeed the easiest and fastest way to write a piece of content, no matter if it’s a long blog post or a 200 words social media post, a script for your next video, a vlog or a podcast.


Think about it: stories are the easiest way to absorb information. That’s how we communicate and remember things – through stories format.


And you know what? If you think that you don’t know or you need to learn how to do that, then you’re utterly wrong. Why? Because all you have to do is to simply put on paper a string of events.


Do it.


But here’s something more. If you really want to start publishing more content, in less time and with less effort, then what kind of stories should you write about?


That’s a really good question. I’m glad you’ve asked it. And the answer is simple.


Talk about what happens to you or a thought that just rushed through your mind. Those are the easiest types of stories. It can be good, it can be bad… it doesn’t really matter. Just tell what you have on your mind.


Now please read this carefully. It is important.


People love stories and it is hard not to finish a story. Don’t believe me? Then next time you watch a movie, stop it before it ends. How’s that going to make you feel? Exactly. That’s what your readers are going to feel like if they don’t finish your next post.


Get it? Of course, you do. All you have to do is practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.


This is really powerful stuff right here, believe me. But I won’t lie to you, this is not the ultimate solution to dominating the online world through content. But hear this, if you just do what you’ve just read, you’ll be better than most of the content creators out there.


And isn’t it odd how simple the answer is? It’s so simple and obvious that it gets ignored.


But if that is not enough for you or if you don’t believe me, then I’ve got a set of blog posts for you. But be careful, it may be overwhelming and you might need a piece of paper to write down as it is may feel like an avalanche falling down on you.


Be sure to carefully read all the posts or the ones that interest you and put in practice whatever you think that will work best for you and your business.