Many years ago, all radio personalities bashed the TV. They said the TV is never going to be anything more than a fad.

Years later people are marching with the idea that the TV will die because we now have content on demand with the internet. The internet and Netflix are the new TV.


You can learn so much just by looking back in time. Everything you need to know is already there. All we have to do is interpret what happened to the current time.

In terms of media outlets, I don’t think that any of these channels will ever die. Yes, they will probably be less efficient, but never dead.

Newspapers are still around. And they were around long before the radio.

The radio is still around even though the TV became the biggest player on the market.

Until the internet came along.

It’s not the fad that kept these channels alive. It’s the utility they have.

The Old Ways That Are Still New

A few months back I was invited to speak at an event about direct response marketing and content marketing distribution channels.

So I made a presentation about email marketing. Because it still is the sales channel with the highest ROI out there.

Contrary to popular belief, email is still at the top of its game, years after you thought it died.


This is the Source

The above stat may sound a bit weird.

What do you mean?! Email marketing is better than Facebook?!

That’s saying that a pear is better than an apple. You can’t compare two different items and say that one is better than the other.

They are different. One is a pear. And the other is an apple.

Neither good nor bad. Just different.

Daily 350 MILLION photos are posted to Facebook.

Every. Day. 350 MILLION.

How many do you post a day? One? Maybe three?

Because of the huge volume of information that is added daily to Facebook, they came up with an algorithm. What is being shown now to each user.

The algorithm is a way to make the volume more manageable for the user. And also to show the user only the type of content that he likes.

This means your business page isn’t going to reach that many people unless you provide good content. Even so, Facebook will cut down your organic reach after a short time.

Why? Because it’s their platform that happens to be the biggest in the world. And they can do whatever they want with it.

So if you want to reach more people you have to pay.

But paying just to show someone a piece of content without a clear 2nd step, is a waste of money.

Investing money into something and have no idea what the return will be, is worst than playing the slot machines.

Email Marketing isn’t a solution to this “problem”. Email marketing is doing EXACTLY what it was doing years ago.

Email was and still is the best way to do business with someone.

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter

Why is this? Because you log into Facebook to check on your friend’s vacation, see what your ex is doing and to post your personality quiz results and maybe some recipes.

It’s the way we kill time. Not the way we shop.

Yes, Facebook advertising is killing it at the moment. And probably will be the best for years to come.

But if you are using Facebook ads to tell people to “buy my stuff” you are using it wrong.

You might as well through your money out the window.

I could go on and on why Facebook and email marketing are so different. And why one is better at sales while the other is better at content distribution.

But for now what I wanted to point out is that, statistically, email is a better sales platform than Facebook.

Do you have an email campaign for your business? Or are you relying on social media for your campaigns? If so, what went wrong with email marketing for you? Let me know in the comment section below.