A friend of mine is out of town and she owns a 5-year-old pit bull named Cerberus.

Whenever she is out of town I get to spend time with the little Satan’s dog. Take him for a walk and feed him.

He is an extremely playful dog. But he is the decision maker.

My friend spoiled the dog so much and he makes all the decisions when we’re out. For example, if he doesn’t want to go down a specific road, he will let you know exactly that.

He will throw himself on the ground and won’t move. At all. For minutes at a time.

Or unless you go down the road he wants to go.

It makes our walks a bit difficult I have to say. Especially tonight.

There is a park near my friend’s building and he likes going there at night. So that’s where we are going.

My problem with that park is that other people bring their dogs there for walks. Which is great.

But Cerberus is a pit bull… And for whatever reason people are afraid of pit bulls and the dog’s bark at each other and you never know when they might snap and so on and so on.

Cerberus has a muzzle as required. But the other dogs don’t. And my friend specifically instructed me not to let him play with other dogs.

That’s why whenever we go to the park, I try to avoid other dogs, always keep him on the leash and just run with him around the park rather than in the park.

I don’t mind it that much. But you got to be careful. Not at Cerberus. But at the other dogs that aren’t leashed.

Just like any other day, we go to the park and we heard dogs barking. That’s normal. I see the dogs in the middle of the park just like in any other day.

And I decide to walk Cerberus on the outside of the park. Just like any other day. The dogs see Cerberus and they start barking. Just like any other day.

Cerberus ignores them. As he usually does.

But then a little poodle starts running at Cerberus barking like there’s no tomorrow. As in running directly to Cerberus.

What can you do in those situations? Yell at the owner to leash his dog?

I had no intentions to start any type of conversation with anybody because I knew it wouldn’t lead to anything. Because I had a pit bull with me and not many people like pit bulls.

So we decided to walk on the other side of the park.

But that little poodle followed us and started barking again. This time Cerberus wouldn’t have it. And now I have a 60-pound killing machine trying to eat a poodle…

Again, the park is big enough for everybody so I decided to walk to another side of the park. But that little poodle followed us again.


No matter what we did the poodle was always there. He was EVERYWHERE.

Whenever we turned he was there.

Wherever we went, he was there.

Always present.

Something that can’t be said about many coaches out there. If you are not EVERYWHERE you giving away your territory.

That little hysterical poodle was protecting his territory like a trooper. Everywhere we went he was already there.

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