This is a cool one for me. Because it’s so easy to do. Heck… it’s something that people did DECADES ago, if not CENTURIES.

I know that content creation/marketing probably isn’t your strong point. And it’s something that you don’t want to waste too much time on.

And that is fine.

Because what I have for you right now is so easy, anybody can do it.

Here is the short little system.

  1. Decide on what topics you want your content to be

For example, some of my categories are Product Launch & Selling, Traffic & Growth, Audience & Engagement etc.

This is what I want to talk about with my audience. You have to come up with different topics that your audience will find useful.

You will know which topics to talk about if you know who your audience is. And for that, you need to have your avatar ready.

  1. Pick up stories/ideas/quotes from your day

We are social creatures. And interact with people all day long (unless you are a sociopath, then I understand that you don’t interact with people…)

We consume so much content daily, that it is literally impossible to not get at least 1 interesting idea that can be used as content for your biz.

I spend a lot of time on my laptop at a desk. So every time I read/listen/watch something and I get an idea, I take out a post-it and write that idea down. Nothing complicated. Just one short sentence.

the Julian quote

If I’m out or not in front of my laptop, I’ll use my phone. I’ll open up the notes app from my phone (you can use Evernote or OneNote or any other app you want. It doesn’t matter) and will write the idea or story down.

That’s it. There’s nothing more to it.

  1. Match your ideas to the topic

Once a week or so, I will pull up my notes and match the idea to a topic we just mentioned. For example, the quote you see in the image will be added to the Audience & Engagement topic.

I will write a post about how you increase your engagement and make people relate to you by being authentic.

That easy. You don’t have to think at this stage. All you have to do is to put the idea that you got in a story that relates to your audience.

That is it.