Although I must admit, it will make a few good sales.


The title is actually a quote from a man that I look up to. He is 62, looks 75, writes on a typewriter, doesn’t own a computer, and still knows that there aren’t any magazines called Wives in Sweatpants and Sneakers.


Let me give you some context to the story.


While in high school I played in some band.


Obviously, I was the good looking guitar player.


It was around that time I discovered the weirdest type of music. As in the most fucked up genres there are.


Really underground, in your face, and extremely aggressive.


While it wasn’t something I enjoyed, it was something that I admired.


Because, as it turns out, everything is for sale and there is a market for (almost) everything. They weren’t driving expensive cars. But they were paying rent, eating every day and life was good to them.


They were happy being underground and had no desire in being mainstream.


Besides. They want to be different. They don’t want to be like all the rest.


If you ask any of these bands why they write that music they always have a philosophical answer to it, rather than an answer from a musical point of view.


While I do appreciate that there is no magazine called wives in sweatpants and sneakers, I am pretty sure that there is some form of outlet that is about married women wearing sweatpants and sneakers.


The point here is about knowing your market, positioning yourself properly in front of them, and crafting your message in such a way that you are whispering in your prospects ear.


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