You are a very hard working individual. I know you are.

You made your homework, you made your research and even spent days creating your product.

You studied your competition and know for a fact that your product is better and will bring tons of benefits.

Very proud, with your product in hand, you go to your list to present it. But no one buys.

You have this very elaborate product launch sequence, but it turned out to be a flop.


Was it the product?

Was it the list?

Is my list actually ready for this product?


Probably… who knows given this scenario.


You see, a product launch is exactly  like a normal working day. You have to prepare for it from the night before.


You have to prepare your clothes so that you don’t waste any time…

You don’t have to get drunk because you will have a hangover that will kill your productivity…

You have to go to bed early so that you are well rested…


You have to treat a product launch the same way. Prepare for it BEFORE even considering a product launch.

And that is the PRE-LAUNCH.


If They Want Your Product, They Will Buy It

The question now is, how do you make people want your product?

It all starts with how you make your bed. And I will break down the way I run my product launch.

It all comes down to 5 points that build up on emotions and curiosity and mystery that drives our lizard brain crazy.

This strategy works best if you already have an email list. If you don’t have a list, you can change the tactics here and there and it will work just fine.


Let’s begin.


Tell Them What You Are Going To Do Without Telling Them What You Are Going To Do

Sounds a bit counter-intuitive. And it is…

Obviously, you should give them something to hang on to. But not that much. Here is an example.

Let’s say you are in the health industry and want to create a new low-carb recipe book. But you have no idea if the product is going to be well received or what the angle should be. On what type of low-carb recipes should your book focus on?

The easiest way to do that is to ask your audience…

Just that simple. Run a survey with them. Send out an email and just ask away your questions. Open up your email and tell them:

  • Thanks for being with us for such a long time
  • Thank you for being such a valuable member of this community
  • I have an announcement to make. In order for you to achieve your goals faster, I am thinking about creating a recipe book around the low-carb diet.
  • By cutting down the carbs in your diet you will be able to lose more body fat over time
  • However, I need your help with this. For me to be able to provide you with the best product, I need your thoughts on a couple of questions
  • What are your biggest problems (questions) related to low-carb cooking?
  • What are your favorite dishes and ingredients?

Just imagine Apple with the iPhones. Everybody knows that they will be releasing a new iPhone every year. It’s no secret.

So it shouldn’t be a secret that you plan to launch that specific product. People don’t know how it will be. And that is the point.

What you are doing right now is:

  • Building anticipation with your audience
  • Involving them in the product creation
  • Learning everything you need to know about what THEY want and need

The moment you make your audience part of the product creation, the more excited they will be about the product. Because they helped create it.

So they will be at the door when you open shop.

Don’t forget to reply to every single email that you get. Be sure to be the last one to reply to any and every email.


Turn Your Launch Into An Event

This needs preparation.

Now everybody knows what you are planning. And they are curious. You need to build up that anticipation culminating in the event.

In my e-commerce store, just before the new product line launch, I closed down the website. The only thing that you could see was a new landing page announcing something big that was going to happen in just a couple of weeks.

And I was collecting emails obviously. If they are interested in the new big thing, I will make sure to stretch that curiosity up to the point of excitement.

Setting up the event isn’t the challenge. Make sure you have people showing up is.

So this point goes hand in hand with the next one.


Creating Anticipation

Every now and then I pushed out an email telling a story around the benefits of the new product. Never the features.

Just like with Apple, everybody knew that the new iPhone will be faster, have a better camera etc. Because that is what is expected. Everybody that launches a new phone will build a faster and overall better phone.

So instead of talking about your features, talk about the benefits. How will your product change the life of your audience? What are the real benefits of your product?

Every day send out an email or piece of content with a short story. A story that talks about a pain that your product solves, or a situation where your product can be used and the benefits.

After that, close the email with the announcement that something big will happen on a specific date. You will unveil the product that your audience was kind enough to help you create.

Another way to create anticipation is to share updates on where you are with your product.

Let your audience know every time you reached a milestone. We humans love celebrating milestones and events. Look at your Facebook feed. Remember when your friend announced that she got married? Remember the gazillion likes she got?

We humans like celebrating stuff that you don’t get to see that often. And those are the stories that tend to stick as well.


Mystery is key

Don’t give out all the good stuff at once. Give them very, very small pieces of content around your product. You don’t want to give it all away on your first date. Just like the ladies that go “all-in” after a few hours of meeting you.

Not that there is anything wrong if you are like that (in fact you can reach out to me at xoxo)

We all know what is going to happen in the end. We know how sex works. But it’s the suspense that kills us. Let’s use the dating analogy.


On the first date, some women wear “burka”-like clothing…

On the 2nd date, a shorter skirt…

On the 3rd date maybe some cleavage…


She is building up suspense. And that drives men crazy.

Using this principle you will make your audience want your product long before you even decide to launch it.

And you would be a fool if you wouldn’t give it to them…

Which leads us to the next point.


Take Pre-Orders

Probably the best way to validate the idea.

At this stage, if you did a good job with the anticipation, you should be having loads of people with their credit cards in hand, ready to buy.

There will always be a number of people that will buy anything you have to offer. Always… So why not giving them a good deal.

Create a special offer just for them:

  • Considerable discount
  • Adding other products as a bonus
  • Giving out your consulting time for free etc.

Anything that you can do – do it. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Something that they won’t see at launch day.

And that is it. This is a very short and easy way to manage your pre-launch. Keep in mind: it’s all about the mystery, anticipation, events, and celebrations. That’s why we have shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians…


Anyway, so how did you do your product launches? Did you use pre-launches? What was your MO? Let me know in the comments below.


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