What To Do When Your Dreams Are Going To Hell


Here is a frustrating feeling that I get from time to time.


Let me know if you have it too.


Every time I watch a movie with someone…


Or when me and my friend read the same book…


It always seems like we saw 2 different movies, or read 2 different books.


Sure, I guess it’s ok if we have different points of view on the topic. But to not remember essential dialog from the movie?


You can argue that I wasn’t paying attention to the movie or because of the Reticular Activating System…


I can’t argue with that. I’m pretty sure this is the case. Besides that, it’s also the personal filter we put in front of our life experience.


A few years back I took the decision to read every book I bought at least 2 times. Because I’m sure that I will miss some stuff during the first run. So I’ll have another go at it.


And yes. I see things that I didn’t see there in the first round. And it’s normal I guess.


And after you read several books at least twice each, you will start to see a pattern. You start to see similar ideas presented differently.


Let me cut it short.


What does this have to do with dreams going down the drain?


Our dreams aren’t going down the drain because we don’t know what to do. We just can’t remember what we are supposed to do. We forget.


They say you can’t forget how to ride a bike.


Fuck that! You can.


Whatever you don’t use, you lose. Right?


Avoid riding a bike for 20 years, then tell what happens. You might have more confidence getting on a bike because you have the previous experience. But you aren’t going to do any jumps with it.


You already know what you have to do. But you can’t remember.


In the words of Samuel Johnson:


“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed”


If you have no idea what to do next, you don’t need to read another 10 books on strategy. You have to go back to the place that ignited your journey. The place where it all started and everything will fall into place.


Do you know what your next steps are? Or do you need some help with that?


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